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Product manufacturing process at our facility:

Our coco peat products are produced with the help of the modern manufacturing machines in our state of the art in-house production facility in South India.

Steps in manufacturing process:
1. Coco pith collection
2. Washing
3. Screening
4. Drying
5. Second screening
6. Compaction and packing

1. Coco pith collection:

coco peat raw material

Coco pith is procured from coir fiber factories and is spread in large storage yards for washing.

coco peat collection

2. Washing:

Washing of coco coir peat
Pith is left in clean and weed free yards for two years and during this period stored coco pith is constantly washed by heavy monsoon rains. Rains wash off excess salts from pith. Pith is also washed manually with fresh water to bring electrical conductivity to a desired level.

3. Screening:

coco coir peat screening
Washed pith is examined for its salt content and pH values. Once pith is reached at desired level of EC and pH, it is brought for screening. During this process fiber chunks and other impurities are removed. Once material purity is verified by is Quality Control Officer the material is further sent for drying to reduce moisture level.

4. Drying:

coconut coir peat drying yard
During this step material is dried under the Sun in open sky on large cemented yard. At this level the test for moisture of the materials is done. Once the moisture of the material is reached at desired level, it is sent for second screening.

5. Second screening:

coco peat screening
During this process sand is removed by using revolving screeners. Here utmost care is taken to make sure that other impurities, if any, are discarded completely from final material.

6. Compaction, packing and shipping:

coco peat compaction machine
The final clean coco peat material is compressed to 5 kg blocks, 650 gram briquette, grow bags etc using modern machinaries.

coco peat packing

The final product is packed and palletized as per customer's instructions.

coco peat shipping on pallets

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